Welcome to Qornix Inc.

At Qornix Inc. we are an employee-owned start-up that believes information should be democratized, free of gate-keepers, fostering an environment where creativity, ingenuity and hard work determine a company’s future.

Problem We Are Trying to Solve

“There are a lot of software companies out there which provide software but not the solution that users want and they charge user much for minimum quality products. You will find that commitment to user is something overlooked.”​

We’re driven by our values.

Embody a service mindset.

Never stop advocating for the needs of others. The customer matters. It’s why we are passionate about showing up, with intention, to deliver value every day.

Own your Shift

We take the lead and deliver what matters. We own our results, celebrate the wins, and are constantly improving.

Listen to Learn

We seek diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences because no one person has all the answers. It’s how we create meaningful outcomes.

Stronger Together

Our community succeeds with mutual respect and collaboration. We all have a key part to play in building the Qornix legacy.

Build with humility

We love teamwork. So, we put collective success before individual achievements.

Be proud of the how.

We ensure deep integrity in everything you do.